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What is the meaning of pliable in Hindi?

Meaning of pliable in Hindi is : सीध

Definition of word pliable

  • soft, flexible, easily bent, formed, shaped, or molded (adjective)

Examples of word pliable

  • OLEDs come in pliable, layered sheets which conduct and emit light, making them great for screens and display monitors.
  • She likes that these younger players are more " pliable, " a quality that she came to miss as her WNBA career continued.
  • Building flexibility into search, email, and other Google products is critically important as we seek to organize the world's information, and it's only natural that we should continue to look for ways to make the use of such statistics more "pliable" as well.
  • The end of their trunk feels firm but kind of pliable, like the cartilage in the end of your own nose.
  • Furthermore, the fact that Washington's goal in Iraq is complete control of that territory either directly or via some kind of pliable government seems to indicate that the mercenaries will be there awhile.
  • Jordan, angry and insulted, would have none of it, and suggested that the police find someone more "pliable," telling the powers that be to take him or leave him.
  • The word "ratings" is not some kind of pliable, esoteric concept.
  • As we get deeper into the n|om, our body becomes so light and pliable that we can feel ourselves stretching.
  • Brush the bread with enough olive oil to soften and make pliable 1/4 cup of olive oil should be plenty.