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What is the meaning of plover in Hindi?

Meaning of plover in Hindi is : बटान

Definition of word plover

  • Any of various wading birds of the family Charadriidae. (noun)

Examples of word plover

  • Sometimes we shot so-called plover along on the shore, sometimes wild chicken in the bush.
  • Interpreters and volunteers - called plover guardians - ensure safe viewing of these rare birds.
  • Stating that tourists are surprised to see these birds in Antalya, Erdoğan said birds such as the spur-winged plover, which is seen less and less in Europe, have laid over 50 eggs in the region.
  • The wild mountain tract which stretched on either side of the road presented one bleak and brown surface, unrelieved by any trace of tillage or habitation; an apparently endless succession of fern-clad hills lay on every side; above, the gloomy sky of leaden, lowering aspect, frowned darkly; the sad and wailing cry of the pewet or the plover was the only sound that broke the stillness, and far as the eye could reach, a dreary waste extended.
  • The kind of plover which appears as if mounted on stilts


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