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What is the meaning of plunder in Hindi?

Meaning of plunder in Hindi is : लूटमार

Definition of word plunder

  • To pillage, take or destroy all the goods of, by force (as in war); to raid, sack. (verb)
  • To take by force or wrongfully; to commit robbery or looting, to raid. (verb)
  • To make extensive (over)use of, as if by plundering; to use or use up wrongfully. (verb)
  • An instance of plundering (noun)
  • The loot attained by plundering (noun)
  • baggage; luggage (noun)

Examples of word plunder

  • "At my time of life, food and clothing be all that is needed; and I have little occasion for what you call plunder, unless it may be, now and then, to barter for a horn of powder, or a bar of lead."
  • But how much loot will modern-day Willie Suttons really be able to plunder from the cloud?
  • Overwhelming centralized force/power first evolves as a mechanism for plunder, is forced to expand as a mechanism for security and protection, then evolves as a force for domestic order and even justice -- something which in times becomes of interest to the powers that be.
  • Social-Democratic party of continental Europe, preaching discontent and class hatred, assailing law, property, and personal rights, and insinuating confiscation and plunder, is here.
  • Under statist distribution, everyone earns in proportion to the amount he can plunder from the producers.


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