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What is the meaning of plundered in Hindi?

Meaning of plundered in Hindi is : लूटा हुआ

Definition of word plundered

  • Simple past tense and past participle of plunder. (verb)

Examples of word plundered

  • How can a mahogany desk, made of slow-growing hard wood plundered from the Amazon, be eco-friendly?
  • I suppose the idea that wealth can be created instead of plundered is completely alien to you.
  • The flood has reached its climax and after the destruction, terror, murder, and sacrilege practiced by the aggressive, terrorist, and criminal Zionist entity, together with its tyrannical ally, the U.S., have come to a head against our brothers and our faithful struggling people in plundered Palestine.
  • They provided the Indians with guns and ammunition, and in return often received goods plundered from the Americans; and they at least indirectly and in some cases directly encouraged the savages in their warfare against the settlers.
  • Not less reminiscent of many bygone ages are the ornamentation and decorative details; and in the rooms, statuary plundered from the Greek islands or brought by the


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