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What is the meaning of pocketable in Hindi?

Meaning of pocketable in Hindi is :

Definition of word pocketable

  • Able to be put in one's pocket (adjective)
    किसी की जेब में डालने में सक्षम

Examples of word pocketable

  • For a long time I've wanted a PowerShot G as a 'pocketable' go everywhere 24-7 prosumer, but
  • And in that one "pocketable" gadget, you get the great, extremely useful technologies such as the Hand-held Twilight mode and the HDR mode, plus great video, "sweep panoramas," and so on.
  • To this point, Nokia's Maemo has been used in its N900, which fits into that "pocketable" mobile computer category.
  • A price range of 350-400 and a "pocketable" size seemed reasonable to me, but then I realized that cameras falling in this range left me wanting more, so I've given up a bit in these constraints.
  • In real life, both cameras are comparable but the S90 is definitely more "pocketable" than the
  • MeeGo will be used for "pocketable" mobile computers, netbooks, tablets PCs, connected TVs, and in-vehicle infotainment systems.
  • I have no idea why people are talking about the s90 as a "pocketable" camera, it is average size!
  • If you take a fair number of still photographs in low-light situations where you need a small "pocketable" camera, the EX-Z150 could possibly work.
  • Weighing less than one pound, the device is said to be "pocketable" with dimensions of