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What is the meaning of pod in Hindi?

Meaning of pod in Hindi is : शिम्ब

Definition of word pod

  • a seed case for legumes (e.g. peas, beans, peppers) (noun)
  • a small vehicle, especially used in emergency situations (noun)
  • To bear or produce pods (verb)
  • To remove peas from their case. (verb)
  • To swell or fill. (verb)
  • A group of whales, dolphins, porpoises or hippopotami. (noun)

Examples of word pod

  • The term "pod," used to connote a blank person, has become so much a part of everyday speech that even people who've never seen the movies or read Finney's novel know the gist of the nightmare he gave to America.
  • Entering or exiting a pod is therefore rather like stepping on or off an escalator.
  • If you put the right amount of coffee in (the pod is almost too full to close properly), it works.
  • At one end of the pod is always a kind of little hook; the unbroken pod was taken into the mouth with this little hook forward, between the teeth; and the eater, seizing the little hook between thumb and finger, drew it out of his mouth with the two little strings that were always attached to the hook.
  • Like a house of cards, the entire pod is fabricated from structural fibrous cement sheet, only held together by exposed galvanised steel braces.


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