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What is the meaning of point in Hindi?

Meaning of point in Hindi is : स्थान

Definition of word point

  • A discrete division of something. (noun)
  • A sharp extremity. (noun)
  • To extend the index finger in the direction of something in order to show where it is or to draw attention to it. (verb)
  • To draw attention to something or indicate a direction. (verb)
  • to indicate a probability of something (verb)
  • To repair mortar. (verb)
  • To direct or encourage (someone) in a particular direction (verb)
  • to separate an integer from a decimal with a decimal point (verb)
  • to mark with diacritics (verb)
  • To direct the central processing unit to seek information at a certain location in memory. (verb)
  • To direct requests sent to a domain name to the IP address corresponding to that domain name. (verb)
  • to sail close to the wind (verb)

Examples of word point

  • Shkedy's team uses the Bible as a starting point to see what animals were once in Israel, reading the Scriptures with a conservationists 'point of view.
  • Thom: And back to Chris Hedges 'point, and the larger point of is the planet melting down, are we melting down, and is it because of the way we think?
  • BROWN: Go ahead, David, but to address this point about whether or not the players have leverage really or, as to James 'point earlier, would the owners actually decide, you know, if this turned into something, like, hey, we don't want to deal with this; who needs the controversy?
  • "" We're trying to tell players that once you go past the point of [impasse], it's difficult to put the yolk back in the egg, '' said the Boston Red Sox's John Harrington, the owners 'point man.
  • I want to just make one point about Paul's point -- James 'point, excuse me, and that it's not just Democrats that are -- excuse me, Republicans that are fired up this way and making these horrible statements like the one woman and even the gentleman who shouted "terrorist," listen, let me show you some of the e-mails that I get from the fired up left and Obama supporters.


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