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What is the meaning of polarizable in Hindi?

Meaning of polarizable in Hindi is : चुम्बक बनाने की योग्यता

Definition of word polarizable

  • Able to be polarized (adjective)

Examples of word polarizable

  • RayP, hydrogen atoms are not very polarizable, and hydrogen is very light and it can tunnel through a small barrier.
  • It can also be applied to many polarizable objects.
  • However, Master Chief's polarizable faceplate will, sadly, lead to people knowing his face/becoming almost invisble by making your character full-black.
  • "We have made such an attempt, and we have proposed a new principle for the design of hydrogen storage materials which involves materials with low-coordinated, non-metal anions that are highly polarizable in an applied electric field," he said.
  • The challenge now is to find materials that are easily polarizable under an applied electric field.


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