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What is the meaning of polish in Hindi?

Meaning of polish in Hindi is : सौजन्य

Definition of word polish

  • Of, from or native to Poland, or relating to the Polish language. (adjective)
  • The language spoken in Poland. (proper-noun)

Examples of word polish

    • "The nonsense talked in the newspapers when they discuss what they call the Polish Corridor" was only possible from want of realisation of what Poland had been before she was rent in three by Prussia, Austria and Russia.
    • In addition, Germany is Niemcy in Polish (and something similar in other Slavic languages) and Saksa in Finnish.
    • This year's nominees for The 2008 Jerzy Zulawski Award (in Polish) have been announced.
    • On 31 August 1939, German SS soldiers set up an attack on one of their own radio stations at the Polish-German border and the Germans broadcast a message, in Polish, urging Poles to kill the Germans who resided in the Silesian region.
    • Note the question is not ‘How will this benefit your promotion/save money you can then spend on leaflets in Polish/keep police officers in the station for hours on end etc etc.’