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What is the meaning of politician in Hindi?

Meaning of politician in Hindi is : राजनेता

Definition of word politician

  • One engaged in politics, especially an elected or appointed government official. (noun)
  • Specifically, one who regards elected political office as a career. (noun)
  • A politically active or interested person. (noun)
  • A sly or ingratiating person. (noun)

Examples of word politician

  • With respect to the proposition that some politician is deceitful, traditional grammar suggests the division ËœSome politician/is deceitfulâ„¢, with the noun Ëœpoliticianâ„¢ forming a constituent with the quantificational word.
  • How do you avoid the label politician, when you are one, good or bad.
  • Yes, nothing says a politician is a crook like having their own PAC.
  • With obvious reference to the Kennedy funeral, he argued that when a politician is associated "with greatly sinful acts about fundamental questions like abortion and marriage, his repentance must also be public."
  • And I'm even more convinced that a politician is a bad idea (& that perhaps the FBI should be in charge of IG & incident/accident investigations rather than congressional panels) after reading this article: