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What is the meaning of polycythemia in Hindi?

Meaning of polycythemia in Hindi is :

Definition of word polycythemia

  • A rare disorder in which the bone marrow produces an abnormally large amount of blood cells, often red blood cells. (noun)

Examples of word polycythemia

  • The blood cancer identified in the Tamaqua area is known as polycythemia vera - an abnormal increase in blood cells (primarily red blood cells) due to excess production of the cells by the bone marrow.
  • Murphy blamed Gans 'death on "acute hydromorphone toxicity," and said Gans also had hypertensive cardiovascular disease, a high blood pressure condition, and a condition called polycythemia that caused his red blood cell count to go up.
  • Even professional mountaineers are at risk for experiencing "polycythemia," in which the body manufactures too many red blood cells in reaction to oxygen deprivation. high blood pressure of the lung vessels can trigger respiratory failure, which can be deadly.
  • Such interventions, if fruitful in humans, might be useful against some cancers and other diseases, such as polycythemia vera, in which the body produces a life-threatening excess of blood cells.
  • *Of course, I should note, for fairness, that applying leeches has considerable benefit in some cases, and the even bleeding can be of value - not only in the obvious situation of polycythemia vera, but as a very feeble but mildly effective technique in certain bacterial infections, which could have made a difference in isolated cases.


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