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What is the meaning of poor in Hindi?

Meaning of poor in Hindi is : हीन

Definition of word poor

  • With little or no possessions or money. (adjective)
  • Of low quality. (adjective)
  • To be pitied. (adjective)
  • Deficient in a specified way. (adjective)
  • inadequate, insufficient (adjective)
  • Those who have little or no possessions or money, taken as a group. (noun)

Examples of word poor

  • Oh da poor kitteh…(snerk)… hez gettin a automayted baff… (mai eyes are leekin form da laughin)..poor wet kitteh.
  • But I say also to the poor, '_In your turn have charity for the rich_;' and I say to the rich, '_In your turn respect the poor_.'
  • "But there's one thing I wish she would do -- poor -- _poor_ Aunt Meda --" he glanced up at the light in the window.
  • The hired servant is called "poor and needy," and the reason assigned by God why he should be paid as soon as he had finished his work is, "For _he is poor_, and setteth his heart upon it."
  • They deny both the justice and expediency of permitting any degree of ignorance or debasement to work the forfeiture of self-ownership, and pronounce slavery continued for such a cause the worst of all, inasmuch as it is the _robbery of the poor because he is poor_.


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