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What is the meaning of port in Hindi?

Meaning of port in Hindi is : हवाई जहाज का वामपार्श्व

Definition of word port

  • A place on the coast at which ships can shelter, or dock to load and unload cargo or passengers. (noun)
  • A town or city containing such a place. (noun)
  • The left-hand side of a vessel, including aircraft, when one is facing the front. Port does not change based on the orientation of the person aboard the craft. (noun)
  • Of or relating to port, the left-hand side of a vessel. (adjective)
  • To turn or put to the left or larboard side of a ship; said of the helm. (verb)
  • An entryway or gate. (noun)
  • An opening or doorway in the side of a ship, especially for boarding or loading; an embrasure through which a cannon may be discharged; a porthole. (noun)
  • A space between two stones wide enough for a delivered stone or bowl to pass through. (noun)
  • An opening where a connection (such as a pipe) is made. (noun)
  • A logical or physical construct in and from which data are transferred. Computer port (hardware) on Wikipedia.Wikipedia:Computer port (hardware) (noun)
  • A female connector of an electronic device, into which a cable's male connector can be inserted. (noun)
  • To carry, bear, or transport. See porter. (verb)
  • To hold or carry (a weapon) with both hands so that it lays diagonally across the front of the body, with the barrel or similar part near the left shoulder and the right hand grasping the small of the stock; or, to throw (the weapon) into this position on command. (verb)
  • To adapt, modify, or create a new version of, a program so that it works on a different platform; to adapt a console video game title to be sold and played on another brand of console. Porting (computing) on Wikipedia.Wikipedia:Porting (verb)
  • To carry or transfer an existing telephone number from one telephone service provider to another. (verb)
  • Something used to carry a thing, especially a frame for wicks in candle-making. (noun)
  • The manner in which a person carries himself; bearing; deportment; carriage. See also portance. (noun)
  • The position of a weapon when ported; a rifle position executed by throwing the weapon diagonally across the front of the body, with the right hand grasping the small of the stock and the barrel sloping upward and crossing the point of the left shoulder. (noun)
  • A program that has been adapted, modified, or recoded so that it works on a different platform from the one for which it was created; the act of this adapting. (noun)
  • A set of files used to build and install a binary executable file from the source code of an application. (noun)
  • A type of very sweet fortified wine, mostly dark red, traditionally made in Portugal. (noun)
  • A schoolbag or suitcase. (noun)

Examples of word port

  • Sheridan for dinner, Colman for supper; Sheridan for claret or port, but Colman for every thing, from the madeira and champagne at dinner, the claret with a _layer_ of _port_ between the glasses, up to the punch of the night, and down to the grog, or gin and water, of daybreak; -- all these I have threaded with both the same.
  • Error in: echo "Attempting to connect to '$address' on port '$port' ..."
  • I do know you can set a specific port with the +port 12345 command where 12345 would be the desired port number.
  • The TCP and UDP protocols use ports to map incoming data to a particular process running on a computer. server P o r t Client TCP TCP or UDP port port port port app app app app port# data Data Packet
  • If you can find what the port setting is for that printer xxx. xxx.xxx.xxx: port#


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