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What is the meaning of pose in Hindi?

Meaning of pose in Hindi is : सवालों से घबरा देना

Definition of word pose

  • set in place, arrange (verb)
  • ask, set (a test or quiz) (verb)
  • to constitute (a danger, a threat, a risk, etc...) (verb)
  • assume or maintain a pose (verb)
  • To interrogate; to question. (verb)
  • To question with a view to puzzling; to embarrass by questioning or scrutiny; to bring to a stand. (verb)
  • position, posture, arrangement (especially of the human body) (noun)
  • affectation (noun)
  • common cold, head cold (noun)
  • To ask (someone) questions; to interrogate. (verb)
  • To perplex or confuse (someone). (verb)

Examples of word pose

  • Liverpool Street, you pose -- yes, _pose_, Jack -- as the urbane man,
  • The anti-Israel, anti-Jew pose is usually found among Dems these days.
  • The pose is dynamic, showing Ollie in action, having just loosed one of his arrows and with his bow still held aloft.
  • Admittedly his unfortunate comment about my musical ability has been described as ill advised and rather tasteless but as one becomes to know Jim or “Jimbo” … as he likes to called by his friends. .one realizes that his confrontational pose is just simple and harmless musical jealousy.
  • But the pose is very static and the same can be said of the figure in front.


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