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What is the meaning of positive in Hindi?

Meaning of positive in Hindi is : स्पष्ट

Definition of word positive

  • Characterized by constructiveness or influence for the better. (adjective)
  • Overconfident, dogmatic. (adjective)
  • Actual, real, concrete, not theoretical or speculative. (adjective)
  • Having more protons than electrons. (adjective)
  • Describing the primary sense of an adjective or adverb; not comparative or superlative. (adjective)
  • Derived from an object by itself; not dependent on changing circumstances or relations; absolute. (adjective)
  • Characterized by the existence or presence of distinguishing qualities or features, rather than by their absence. (adjective)
  • Characterized by the presence of features which support a hypothesis. (adjective)
  • Of a visual image, true to the original in light, shade and colour values. (adjective)
  • Favorable, desirable by those interested or invested in that which is being judged. (adjective)
  • Wholly what is expressed; colloquially downright, entire, outright. (adjective)
  • HIV positive. (adjective)
  • Good, desirable, healthful, pleasant, enjoyable; (often precedes 'energy', 'thought', 'feeling' or 'emotion'). (adjective)
  • A thing capable of being affirmed; something real or actual. (noun)
  • A favourable point or characteristic. (noun)
  • Something having a positive value in physics, such as an electric charge. (noun)
  • An adjective or adverb in the positive degree. (noun)
  • A positive image; one that displays true colors and shades, as opposed to a negative. (noun)
  • The positive plate of a voltaic or electrolytic cell. (noun)

Examples of word positive

  • A smart publisher IMO is one that knows that any talk about a book is a positive thing, and that an honest review site is a site from which an honest *positive* review is worth having, too.
  • This Greenian, autonomy-based, conception of positive freedom is often run together with a very different notion of Ëœpositiveâ„¢ freedom: freedom as effective power to act or to pursue one's ends.
  • And the magnetism of the whole circuit between the positive and the negative posts is in its _least_ volume next to the _positive post_, and in
  • So it is still true that on the negative half of the circuit, the _negative_ qualities _diminish_ as we advance towards the central point just as on the positive half, the _positive_ qualities diminish regularly towards the central point, as stated above.
  • And if this whole magnet be more and more positive, by regular degrees through all the sections, from its negative to its positive end or pole, then the nearer any given part of it, say the _second section_ -- the patient's person, may be to its positive pole in the negative post, so much the more _positive_ that section or part will be.


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