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What is the meaning of possibility in Hindi?

Meaning of possibility in Hindi is : होनहारी

Definition of word possibility

  • The quality of being possible. (noun)
    संभव होने का गुण।

Examples of word possibility

  • You frequently ask others to accept the possibility that your beliefs are correct - now I ask you to accept the _possibility_ that Jesus was a human teacher and that the mythology around his divinity were added after the fact.
  • And I think your thesis, that modern adolescence and modern poetry intersect at the desire to resist closure/identity and maintain possibility, is right on.
  • Another possibility is amotion for stay pending an appeal.
  • Cooley didn't exactly guarantee such a performance, but ... the possibility is at least out there.
  • The criticism that Dr. Schuller's messages have been nothing more than a watered down versions of optimistic pop psychology, given that his major theme is what he calls "possibility thinking," is unfair.
  • Another possibility is the “Union Line”, assuming it goes to that station.
  • “… While I am not endorsing Senator John McCain, the possibility is there that I might.”
  • Another possibility is a version of the Touch with a hard drive, merging the two higher end lines of iPods.