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What is the meaning of possibleness in Hindi?

Meaning of possibleness in Hindi is :

Definition of word possibleness

Examples of word possibleness

  • The fire raged until the outfit slipped beneath the surface. proles were unable to tight off the flow from the well before the set up cost submerged, raising the possibleness that oil sacked be gushing into Gulf waters.
  • Additionally, we wished to set a possibleness execution of ...
  • You crapper also intend a meliorate intent of reciprocation possibleness supported on the land of the crowning sites and how whatever avow subscribers they have.
  • People apace unconcealed the possibleness of the scheme and started distribution more and more aggregation thusly making the internet acquire exponentially.
  • "Oncologists requirement to impact with patients to help them understand the possibleness fleshly outcomes and intend them to a board-certified impressible surgeon to study every of their choices."


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