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What is the meaning of post in Hindi?

Meaning of post in Hindi is : स्थिति

Definition of word post

  • A location on a basketball court near the basket. (noun)
  • To send mail (verb)
  • To send a message to a Usenet newsgroup or to a mailing list; to save a message on a blog. (verb)
  • To send to an electronic forum. (verb)
  • With the post, on post-horses; express, with speed, quickly (adverb)
  • sent via the postal service (adverb)
  • A long dowel or plank protruding from the ground; a fence post; a light post (noun)
  • a stud; a two-by-four (noun)
  • A pole in a battery (noun)
  • A long, narrow piece inserted into a root canal to strengthen the tooth (noun)
  • a prolonged final melody note, among moving harmony notes (noun)
  • A printing paper size measuring 19.25 inches x 15.5 inches (noun)
  • goalpost (noun)
  • To hang (a notice) in a conspicuous manner for general review. (verb)
  • To pay (a blind) (verb)
  • An assigned station; a guard post. (noun)
  • An appointed position in an organization. (noun)
  • after; especially after a significant event that has long-term ramifications (preposition)

Examples of word post

  • -- [[User: Lightdifference | Lightdifference]] 23: 28, 11 December 2008 (UTC) $post is necessary because $post - > comment_status of the parent post can be wrong after running the inner loop (I'm running that code from a shortcode).
  • How would I change get_permalink ($post - > ID); to not get the permalink but the content of the post?
  • *** This post is dedicated to Patti who kindly pointed out that she was getting a little tired of the Adirondack chairs post***
  • He will MAKE sure the person WHO needs to SEE your post ... will SEE your post~ if you truly desire in your heart to come to KNOW God, say this ...
  • To list the highlighted leaders in a single post: echo get_the_term_list ($post - > ID, 'people', 'People:', ',');


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