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What is the meaning of postmenopausal in Hindi?

Meaning of postmenopausal in Hindi is :

Definition of word postmenopausal

  • subsequent to the menopause (adjective)

Examples of word postmenopausal

  • With the rectal exam, I was taught that a rectovaginal exam is mandatory in postmenopausal ladies because sometimes it can detect ovarian cancer.
  • Another approach is to use an anti-estrogen drug like tamoxifen preventively in postmenopausal women whose histories of breast problems indicate that they are at high risk of developing cancer; I am involved in a study that is examining this kind of treatment.
  • "Hormone replacement therapy, also known as postmenopausal hormone therapy (PHT), definitely increases your [breast cancer] risk," says Julie R. Gralow, MD, the director of breast medical oncology at the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.
  • The STRAW terminology folks actually wants to make "postmenopausal" mean any time after the final menstrual period, but we can't really date that till we know it's final - which means 12 months later.
  • This multisite, one-CRO advantage also extends to special population needs, such as postmenopausal females.