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What is the meaning of potent in Hindi?

Meaning of potent in Hindi is : सप्रभाव

Definition of word potent

  • Possessing strength (adjective)
  • Being effective in small quantities. (adjective)
  • Having a sharp or offensive taste. (adjective)
  • able to procreate. (adjective)
  • very powerful or effective. (adjective)
  • A heraldic fur formed by a regular tessellation of blue and white T shapes. (noun)

Examples of word potent

  • But it's what we're used to, and still remain potent symbols in an age devoid of symbolism.
  • Third receiver in potent passing game and a solid punt returner whose offseason work set an example for other young players.
  • "Like its similarly underrated cousin, Birth, Joshua makes up in potent atmosphere and formal mastery what it lacks in narrative logic; unlike Birth, however, it's further enhanced by two superlative adult performances (courtesy Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga) that invest a ludicrous premise with conviction and behavioral nuance."
  • I think the Reload power's more potent from a protective standpoint, but the Google-fu stands to make me more powerful in the world.
  • “White Disaster,” some called the potent dwarven drink.