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What is the meaning of potentiality in Hindi?

Meaning of potentiality in Hindi is : स‌ंभाविता

Definition of word potentiality

  • The quality of being, or having potential. (noun)
  • An inherent capacity for growth or development. (noun)
  • An aptitude amenable to development; capability. (noun)

Examples of word potentiality

  • The ending of this living potentiality is considered wrong for many Christians (Catholics, eastern orthodox) and most Muslims.
  • But that potentiality is not made easy of accomplishment by reason of its geography.
  • He felt a sharp gradation between himself and his shipmates, and was wise enough to realize that the difference lay in potentiality rather than achievement.
  • But he lived onto propound his extraordinary theory of "potentiality" -- that medicines gained strength by being diluted -- and his even more extraordinary theory that all chronic diseases are caused either by the itch, syphilis, or fig-wart disease, or are brought on by medicines.
  • If the notion of potentiality is ruled out of order as Rev has apparently done in a related discussion, doesn't his position imply that a two or three day-old infant is not entitled to legal protection?