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What is the meaning of pounded in Hindi?

Meaning of pounded in Hindi is :

Definition of word pounded

  • Simple past tense and past participle of pound. (verb)
  • Inebriated. (adjective)

Examples of word pounded

  • The word pounded in his chest like fierce drumbeats, and I believe he heard me listening that closely, because suddenly, as his mouth spoke on, his eyes snapped around to mine and, like the sound of a gunshot, the pounding ceased, to be replaced by a feeling of uncertainty.
  • Her name pounded beneath his injuries like a steel hammer.
  • Officials said up to 31.5 inches of rain pounded Vietnam in a few days, forcing 126,000 people from their homes.
  • Neither offense could do much more while the rain pounded the ground.
  • The cold sleet-like rain pounded mercilessly down on the fools who congregated under open skies.


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