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What is the meaning of practise in Hindi?

Meaning of practise in Hindi is : साधना करना

Definition of word practise

  • To repeat as a way of improving one's skill in that activity. (verb)
  • To repeat an activity in this way. (verb)
  • To perform or observe in a habitual fashion. (verb)
  • To pursue (a career, especially law, fine art or medicine). (verb)
  • To conspire. (verb)
  • Alternative spelling of practice (verb). (verb)

Examples of word practise

  • The first efforts may be very lame, but if you want speed on a typewriter, a record for a hundred-yard dash, or facility in speaking, you must practise, _practise_, _PRACTISE_.
  • But they cannot be mastered and applied by thinking or reading about them -- you must practise, _practise_, _PRACTISE_.
  • This practise is almost absent now - my father who can be a little hard of hearing, is unable to follow Hindi movies produced today, but can still understand the older movies broadcast on TV.
  • People at the bottom end of the legal job market seem in practise to drop out of lawyering.
  • I believe usual practise is to assume that if you got a nice early slide this time because of BST, you might get a kick in the rear end later in the year from the return to GMT; your twelve hour night shift magically morphing into a 13hr slog.


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