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What is the meaning of praise in Hindi?

Meaning of praise in Hindi is : स्तुत्ति

Definition of word praise

  • commendation; favorable representation in words. (noun)
  • worship. (noun)
  • To give praise to. (verb)

Examples of word praise

  • Both begin with the _praise_ of the Lord to whom all praise is due.
  • a thousand years since_: neither am I moved with certain courtly decencies, which I esteem it flattery to praise in presence; no, it is flattery to _praise in absence: that is_, when _either_ the virtue is absent, _or -- the occasion_ is absent, and so the praise is _not natural_, but _forced_, either in truth, _or -- in time_.
  • Faint praise is still praise from the Walking Dead.
  • These epithets are deserved by a great many faces, but on very different grounds; and the praise is a different thing, accordingly.
  • All the praise is ascribed to God: Thou hast subdued them under me, v. 39.


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