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What is the meaning of praiseworthy in Hindi?

Meaning of praiseworthy in Hindi is : सराहनीय

Definition of word praiseworthy

  • Meriting praise; worthy of high praise (adjective)

Examples of word praiseworthy

  • But what Mr. Monks finds so praiseworthy is also shorthand for the government piling up future obligations in order to keep paying in the present for things Madrid could no longer afford.
  • What makes this especially praiseworthy is that such an increase, like all taxes on goods and services, hits especially hard on the poor.
  • What's especially praiseworthy is their ensemble acting, the ebbs and flows of who's in and out being handled with confidence and control.
  • In contrast, when a Republican does something praiseworthy, that is unexpected, and like the Democratic gaffes, the unexpected engenders a response and a post.
  • If the plan does not pay, what then? only a part of the money can be lost; and to have given that to an hospital or an almshouse would have been called praiseworthy and Christian charity; how much more to have spent it not in the cure, but in the prevention of evil -- in making almshouses less needful, and lessening the number of candidates for the hospital!


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