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What is the meaning of precious in Hindi?

Meaning of precious in Hindi is : श्रेष्ठ

Definition of word precious

  • Of high value or worth, or seemingly regarded as such. (adjective)
    उच्च मूल्य या मूल्य का, या ऐसा प्रतीत होता है कि ऐसा माना जाता है।
  • Someone (or something) who is loved; a darling. (noun)
    कोई (या कुछ) जिसे प्यार किया जाता है; एक प्रिय।
  • Used as an intensifier. (adverb)
    एक गहनता के रूप में उपयोग किया जाता है।

Examples of word precious

  • "My precious, _precious_ child," she said, "_He_ is able to save to the
  • I know what they mean, but this is a rare case where I would use the term "precious" as a term of praise.
  • Husky and direct rather than what she calls "precious and demure," she's never been shy about invoking her home country one of her top early songs is called "Hockey Skates".
  • As for the future, Earle and Buckland hope to keep their company growing while staying true to what they call their precious recipe.
  • We are very far from understanding all the secret resources of nature; but I do not think the spontaneous formation of the crystals, which we call precious stones, one of the most difficult phenomena to comprehend.
  • B.C.'s Auditor-General says the provincial government isn't doing enough to monitor and protect groundwater, which he calls a precious resource.
  • He is what we call a precious baby: His mother has had a hysterectomy.
  • I will leave my—shit, is that what you called my precious weapons and clothes?