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What is the meaning of precision in Hindi?

Meaning of precision in Hindi is : सूक्ष्मतामापी

Definition of word precision

  • the state of being precise or exact; exactness (noun)
  • the ability of a measurement to be reproduced consistently (noun)
  • the number of significant digits to which a value may be measured reliably (noun)
  • used for exact or precise measurement (adjective)
  • made, or characterized by accuracy (adjective)

Examples of word precision

  • Using Attributional Similarity to Solve Analogies  number of correct guesses precision = total number of guesses made  number of correct guesses recall = maximum possible number correct 2 x precision x recall  F = precision recall
  • The term precision is considered as a component of accuracy, related to the scale, resolution, and also to the generalization of datasets.
  • Our new foreign policy is what I call precision power.
  • Details very sketchy at this hour but U.S. officials confirming overnight there was what they call a precision missile strike against a target in southern Somalia near the border with Kenya, a target that they say was in an area where there were known terrorists, al Qaeda terrorists with affiliations.
  • Now, earlier today, the U.S. military launched what it calls a precision air strike.