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What is the meaning of predestinate in Hindi?

Meaning of predestinate in Hindi is : पूर्व निश्चित

Definition of word predestinate

  • To predestine. (verb)
  • Predestinated, preordained. (adjective)

Examples of word predestinate

    • Article Third runs thus, "The predestinate are a predeterminate and certain number, which can neither be lessened nor increased."
    • Tins, I do!! tt not, will appear sufhciently evident to the eviin_ '- ucal reader, % vho will take the trouble fully to consider several of the articles, which were objected to bin), and also souic extracts from hid letters; tor, notwithstanding that t'le frequent use of the terms predestinate,,
    • THE word "predestinate" signifies, according to the _Imperial
    • The Greek word rendered "predestinate" is found only in these six passages, Acts 4: 28; Rom.
    • "For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son" Rom 8:29.


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