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What is the meaning of predicament in Hindi?

Meaning of predicament in Hindi is : हालत

Definition of word predicament

  • A definite class, state or condition. (noun)
  • An unfortunate or trying position or condition; a tight spot. (noun)
  • That which is predicated; a category. (noun)

Examples of word predicament

  • This time the predicament is a different one and knives are being sharpened.
  • This could have been a great way to give some background metaphor characterization to Emma, but alas, her predicament is never fully explained beyond that; it's only mentioned that she has experienced loss.
  • At the core of Joanna's predicament is a conflict of values, inherent in the affair itself, not just in its resolution.
  • Their predicament is unfortunate, since there are many emerging Internet and Web 2.0 legal technologies that can save law offices time and money by increasing efficiency and reducing costs, including:
  • The plight of people who have exhausted all 99 weeks of unemployment insurance available in some states -- the "99ers" -- has received some attention from Congress and the media, but mostly their predicament is regarded as an intractable and pitiful part of a bigger problem.


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