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What is the meaning of prepar in Hindi?

Meaning of prepar in Hindi is :

Definition of word prepar

Examples of word prepar

  • Yup, this sounds about right -- I figured we were a blog of planners and prepar-ers.
  • Smiling proudly, Mayor Metwinger straightened his purple mayoral robes and gulped in a big breath, prepar - ing to ad-lib the traditionally long but unwritten kender marriage ceremony.
  • America really is the land of opportunity for those who are prepar
  • September 12, 2009 at 2:05 pm prepar tu b vankwished
  • Shortly thereafter — presumably working off a tip from Bosnian authorities — British authorities in West London arrested Younis Tsouli and two other young men for “commission [ing], prepar [ing] or instigat [ing] an act of terrorism.”


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