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What is the meaning of preposterous in Hindi?

Meaning of preposterous in Hindi is : हास्यास्पद

Definition of word preposterous

  • Absurd, or contrary to common sense. (adjective)

Examples of word preposterous

  • Mr. Pawlenty attributed the current impasse on what he called "preposterous" proposed spending increases.
  • I knew Aunt Agatha would be taking advantage of my long absence to retail what she termed my preposterous scheme to Uncle Keith, and that I should have the benefit of his opinion on my return, and this thought made me restless.
  • How preposterous is Congressional oversight of U.S. intelligence?
  • She must not put faith in preposterous representations, nor may facts within her observation show the representations to be so obviously false that to rely on them requires closing her eyes to the truth.
  • The test question is this: If the idea of abandoning the present highway system and constructing a new one from scratch is economically preposterous, would it not remain preposterous if one substituted “existing power plants” for “interstate highway system” and “windmills and solar power collectors” for “tunnels”?


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