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What is the meaning of preserved in Hindi?

Meaning of preserved in Hindi is : सुरक्षित

Definition of word preserved

  • Simple past tense and past participle of preserve. (verb)

Examples of word preserved

  • Again, the feast of the Purification was the time to kindle a “brand” preserved from the Christmas log.
  • The second definition of the word safe is "having been preserved from a real danger."
  • You gotta get your own subject and if everyone picks somebody then there will be just that much more preserved from the floor cracks. at
  • And by now, there's virtually no way to put two words together that doesn't have a Greek label preserved in aspic by generations of English department pedants.
  • Beowulf is not a “primitive poem;” it is a late one, using the materials (then still plentiful) preserved from a day already changing and passing, a time that has now for ever vanished, swallowed in oblivion; using them for a new purpose, with a wider sweep of the imagination, if with a less bitter and concentrated force.


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