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What is the meaning of pretended in Hindi?

Meaning of pretended in Hindi is : अपदेशी

Definition of word pretended

  • Simple past tense and past participle of pretend. (verb)

Examples of word pretended

  • By the way, several readers have had a thought about "community organizer," which some Dems have pretended is code for "black."
  • Melas in his despatch spoke of what he called our pretended army of reserve with inconceivable contempt, and alluded to the presence of Bonaparte in Italy as a mere fabrication.
  • No, they may laugh, they may smile at what they call his pretended sanctity, but in truth he is no hypocrite.
  • McCain pretended he had answering and left folks hanging hoping they vote for him to hear is resolutions ...
  • Upon learning that Dwayne is a rapper, Palin pretended to recognize someone in the distance and excused herself.


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