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What is the meaning of pretension in Hindi?

Meaning of pretension in Hindi is : मिथ्याभिमान

Definition of word pretension

  • A claim or aspiration to a particular status or quality. (noun)
  • Pretentiousness. (noun)

Examples of word pretension

    • The moment this pretension is abandoned the sword will drop from our grasp, and we shall be ready to enter into treaties of amity and commerce mutually beneficial.
    • The first target of Everett's satire is the writing of fiction itself, which is portrayed implicitly as an enterprise saturated in pretension and moribund assumptions.
    • The almost complete lack of pretension is wonderful, though you can certainly find a bit of that in the gated communities.
    • Conservative status pretension might work differently, but status pretension is status pretension, and as a general matter, because the vast majority of educationally-based upwardly mobile classes in this country is liberal, it applies well to liberal habits.
    • As an engineer my tolerance for pretension is generally lower that that of the academics!