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What is the meaning of pretty in Hindi?

Meaning of pretty in Hindi is : सुरूप

Definition of word pretty

  • Somewhat, fairly, quite; sometimes also (by meiosis) very. (adverb)
  • Something that is pretty. (noun)
  • To make pretty; to beautify (verb)

Examples of word pretty

  • Wow..so this is the first time that I found your site..pretty said considering I thought I was pretty smart!
  • If you talk of bathing, they will advise you to _dook oonder_; and should a mother present her baby to you she will call it her _smook barn_, her pretty bairn or child, _smook_ being the Norse word for _pretty_.
  • _Singing, Laughing all, Singing Laughing all, like pretty pretty_ Poll.
  • T. e of the pretty O F E N G L A N D* 245 pretty dairy plats that belonged - to the abbot; we take with us Darelbury, a pretty* parifti - church, and by the fide of it a fair houfe and de - mefnc of a long continued dcfcent of the Daniels, and now Mr. Daniel's -, and Prefton, called Pref - ton on the Hill.
  • II. iii.28 (195,3) _With, every thing that pretty bin_] is very properly restored by Hanmer, for _pretty is_; but he too grammatically reads,


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