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What is the meaning of priceless in Hindi?

Meaning of priceless in Hindi is : बेकदर

Definition of word priceless

  • So precious as not to be sold at any price. (adjective)
    इतना कीमती है कि किसी भी कीमत पर नहीं बेचा जा सकता।

Examples of word priceless

  • Gentry said in an email to Delahanty last week that it cost about $182 to reunite Hensley with his family, which she called "priceless."
  • These all contain priceless works of art which might, at the very least be sold to provide resources for rebuilding the country even if they did not want to preserve the collections for posterity.
  • The Saab has paid me back already in priceless memories.
  • I obtain priceless info each time I read any of those blogs ...
  • To the poles were suspended suit after suit of magnificent buckskin, leggings, shirts, moccasins, all beaded and embroidered in priceless richness, fire bags, tobacco pouches, beaded gun cases, and rabbit robes.
  • We may have needed this last great sacrifice, to lead us to feel how sacred, how priceless, is the freedom of a land; how dearly bought are the principles of national integrity and virtue.
  • He did not possess a particle of that mysterious, yet in his calling priceless, gift termed magnetism for the lack of a better definition.
  • The word priceless has been raped, sure, but if he and the other would-be attendees had the dough, anyone with a ticket could name their price.
  • ADVERTISEMENT many of them emotionally "priceless" - the rest of their possessions had to be left behind as the fire alarm sounded and smoke began to fill the venue.