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What is the meaning of primitivist in Hindi?

Meaning of primitivist in Hindi is :

Definition of word primitivist

  • Exhibiting or practicing primitivism, the advocacy of primitive over refined forms (adjective)
  • A proponent of primitivism. (noun)

Examples of word primitivist

    • One of the problems that confronted the primitivist was the discovery, if possible, of the natural man — the man who followed nature rather than custom or opin - ion, and who was a living exemplar of the primitivistic life.
    • The Archbishop opened his lecture by noting importantly that the very term sharia is not only misunderstood, but is the focus of much fear and anxiety deriving from its 'primitivist' application in some contexts.
    • Gaugin: The painter who invented his own brand of artistic licence life and work for which he can be reverentially remembered: his extensive travels, his experimentalism and his "primitivist" painting style honed in Tahiti - a bold reaction against the Impressionism embraced by most of his
    • Deceptively "primitivist," with a vivid palette of color, it conveys precisely the intent of its designer, Nick Locke, art director for the feature film "Little Red Wagon."
    • "primitivist," such as direct action, eco-defense, medic training, legal observer training, know your rights trainings, anti-oppression trainings, etc. (pretty much anything you can think of that would fit within a direct action camp). any takers? we're looking for folks to facilitate workshops in either the primitivist / rewilding aspect of Feral Futures, which will be down the trail and in the woods,


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