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What is the meaning of programmable in Hindi?

Meaning of programmable in Hindi is : प्रोग्राम बनाने योग्य

Definition of word programmable

  • Capable of being programmed. (adjective)

Examples of word programmable

  • Researchers at Intel teamed up with the academic community to make what they call programmable matter.
  • My particular area is not directly related to medical robotics, but we're working on a new form of matter we call programmable matter that can change its shape under program control.
  • What does the word programmable mean in the product name Exadata Programmable Storage Server mean?
  • "This will include what we call programmable heating systems to reduce fuel costs, kitchens and bathrooms that may need replaced, doors and windows where necessary and any electrical work that has to be done.
  • The computer security firm Symantec, which authored several detailed studies of the malware, found that Stuxnet was designed to target types of computers known as programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, used in certain kinds of industrial processes.


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