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What is the meaning of progress in Hindi?

Meaning of progress in Hindi is : संप्राप्ति

Definition of word progress

  • to move, go, or proceed forward; to advance. (verb)
  • to improve; to become better or more complete. (verb)
  • To move (something) forward; to advance, to expedite. (verb)

Examples of word progress

  • If there are no intelligible or describable social processes, then there may be progress, but there will be no sociology and no _methods of progress_.
  • But by progress must not be understood the imaginary and metaphysical _law of progress_, which should lead the generations of man with irresistible force to some unknown destiny, according to a providential plan which we can logically divine and understand.
  • A human society can either fall backward or progress forward, but it cannot _progress backward_.
  • A murder taking place or a murder being stopped in progress is newsworthy.
  • When work in progress is shared (as my father did with me), we were both able to improve it, I as the observer might have had an idea that my father as constructor didn't and after some discussion and experimentation, who knows, maybe together, we created something better, just because we shared.


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