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What is the meaning of prominence in Hindi?

Meaning of prominence in Hindi is : सौर ज्वाला

Definition of word prominence

  • The state of being prominent: widely known or eminent (noun)
  • relative importance (noun)
  • A bulge: something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from a form (noun)
  • Autonomous height; relative height or prime factor; a concept used in the categorization of hills and mountains (noun)

Examples of word prominence

  • At the end of the term prominence brought its reward: Missy failed in
  • Living proof that RNC prominence is fading and the ovine followers are dwindling in number since savvy people are beginning to see the light instead of being allowed to be smitten by blind fanaticism.
  • Kennedy forever, and John Kerry for a heck of a long time, and the power of incumbency, together with few opportunities for local Republicans to gain prominence, has made Dems look stronger than they really were.
  • As Tea Partyers gain prominence, the BBAJ creative team may have even intensified their criticism in the uptown transfer.
  • They need to realize that hispanics and blacks are rising in prominence in our country and the day that the rich white guy could rule everything is ending.


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