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What is the meaning of prone in Hindi?

Meaning of prone in Hindi is : मायल

Definition of word prone

  • Lying face downward; prostrate (Wikipedia). (adjective)
  • Having a downward inclination or slope. (adjective)
  • Shooting from a lying down position. (adjective)
  • Predisposed, liable, inclined. (adjective)

Examples of word prone

  • I. ii.188 (19,2) [There is a prone and speechless dialect] I can scarcely tell what signification to give to the word _prone_.
  • The term prone to in [e] mean s having a tendency to, so it is correct.
  • "At the very least, shouldn't a writer try to shield the kettle of language from further cracks by knowing the meanings of the words he uses?" he asks, querying Cunningham's choice of the word "prone".
  • It doesn't act like being drama prone is all a "girl thing."
  • I saw a report on CNN where a woman was rescued from being trapped in collapsed roof and wall debris for two days and what struck me was her odd calm as she was carried prone from a certain, crushing death — as well as her matter-of-fact confidence in a God that Robertson says her people forsook ...


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