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What is the meaning of propense in Hindi?

Meaning of propense in Hindi is : झुका हुआ

Definition of word propense

  • Leaning toward, in a moral sense; inclined; disposed; prone; as, women propense to holiness. (adjective)

Examples of word propense

  • Not that the doctor was a bully, or even pugnacious, in the usual sense of the word; he had no disposition to provoke a fight, no propense love of quarrelling; but there was that in him which would allow him to yield to no attack.
  • Nevertheless the fanatic lowlanders, propense to pillage and proselytizing, burned the Christian churches, massacred the infidels, and tortured the priests, until they provoked a blood feud of uncommon asperity.
  • And for the same reasons is it that women are so earnestly delighted with this kind of men, as being more propense by nature to pleasure and toys.
  • But his great abstinence of all was from Sleep, and strange it was that one of such a Fleshly and sanguine composition, could overwatch so many heavy propense inclinations to Rest.
  • For heads that are disposed unto Schism and complexionally propense to innovation, are naturally indisposed for a community, nor will be ever confined unto the order or oeconomy of one body; and therefore, when they separate from others, they knit but loosely among themselves; nor contented with a general breach or dichotomy with their Church do subdivide and mince themselves almost into Atoms.


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