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What is the meaning of prophetic in Hindi?

Meaning of prophetic in Hindi is : भविष्यसूचक

Definition of word prophetic

  • of, or relating to a prophecy or a prophet (adjective)
  • predicted, as by a prophecy (adjective)

Examples of word prophetic

  • His name has been synonymous with the phrase "prophetic imagination" for three decades of preachers and Christian teachers.
  • Note the use of the term prophetic by both, with its complex of connotations quite at odds with the grounding in science — religion and rapture, voices and visions, the conjuring otherwise known as fantasy defined, for the moment, not in terms of literature but in terms of psychology: the sustained fancy; the ludic or oneiric imagining; from the Greek phantasia; a making visible.
  • But what we shall be saying about it depends largely, I suppose, upon our definition of the term prophetic; also a little upon our feeling with regard to good taste and the permissible in fiction.
  • And I open it as a pastor and a professor who comes from a long tradition of what I call the prophetic theology of the black church.
  • He speaks about God from what we call the prophetic posture.


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