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What is the meaning of proportionate in Hindi?

Meaning of proportionate in Hindi is : सुडौल

Definition of word proportionate

  • In proportion; proportional; commensurable. (adjective)
  • Harmonious and symmetrical. (adjective)
  • To make proportionate. (verb)

Examples of word proportionate

  • As to the point to Adam B. - I was using an "extreme" example to prove a point re. the legitimacy of using the term proportionate at all (which is standardly used by the police re. proportionate force etc.).
  • When I last covered Giuliani the night of the Iowa Caucus, in fact, he was here in Florida, as we all know, saying he was not at all worried about what he calls his proportionate strategy.
  • We don't make it onto the Hugo ballot in proportionate numbers, I suspect because the voter base for the Hugos has its favorites.
  • The notion that a military response should be proportionate is silly.
  • Except, this equation has one extra term proportionate to hbar.


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