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What is the meaning of proportioned in Hindi?

Meaning of proportioned in Hindi is : समानुपातिक

Definition of word proportioned

  • Having a proportion. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of proportion. (verb)

Examples of word proportioned

    • Congress in terms proportioned in their explicitness and solemnity to the conviction he entertains of the importance and inviolability of the principle involved.
    • Every day he found them in the same place and got rid of them by a large coin proportioned to the enormity of his remorse.
    • Their incorrectness and absurdity soon became apparent; and with a zeal, perhaps, bordering on indiscretion, he denounced them to his pupils with an ardour of manner and of expression proportioned to his own conviction of the truth.
    • It's downright ill-proportioned which is why I think you want to pull it up.
    • A "proportioned" dress is one where they make allowances for short- and long-waisted people, and include three different bodice pieces to make fitting easier.


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