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What is the meaning of proselytize in Hindi?

Meaning of proselytize in Hindi is : शुद्धि करना

Definition of word proselytize

  • To encourage or induce people to join a religious movement, political party, or other cause or organization. (verb)
  • To convert (someone) to one’s own faith or beliefs. (verb)

Examples of word proselytize

  • Obama's disastrous interview in the Advocate - where he claimed his gay role model (a professor whose name he couldn't remember) was his role model because he didn't "proselytize" - should have sounded the alarm for the gay community before the primaries.
  • (Dau tranh chinh tri), and "proselytizing" (van) .6 In the English language, the term proselytize means to convert from one belief or faith to another.
  • My guess is the latter since in the face of mounting evidence that shows the Bible is false, believers are hording together in an attempt to still convince themselves that there might be at least a shred of hope that their faith is real. southborder, no, the book has no power except as a tool to proselytize, which is not allowed in the schools and why distribution is prohibited by law.
  • The reason for the latter well-documented phenomenon is that the person who has lost his faith in reality has an inner need to "proselytize" and convert others in order to not feel alone in his cosmic meaninglessness.
  • Out of curiosity, is someone, or has someone attempted to "proselytize" you on a military base or in an occupied country?


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