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What is the meaning of prospective in Hindi?

Meaning of prospective in Hindi is : स‌ंभावी

Definition of word prospective

  • Likely or expected to happen or become. (adjective)
    होने या होने की संभावना या अपेक्षा।
  • The scene before or around, in time or in space; view; prospect. (noun)
    पहले या आसपास का दृश्य, समय या स्थान में; दृश्य; आशा।

Examples of word prospective

    • But the commute should be a bigger factor in prospective employment and in choosing where to live than it is.
    • But a copy of the 123-page document obtained by The Wall Street Journal emphasizes the importance of giving certain prospective co-pilots flight-time "credits" for academic and other relevant experience.
    • The series will consist of interviews with environmental thought leaders exploring environmental threats and potential solutions from a long-term prospective; we'll ask, What will the world look like in 2050 if we continue on our current path?
    • They worry that paying donors will discourage altruistic people from signing up, possibly leading to an overall decline in prospective donors.
    • In blind faith, you call the prospective doctors office and schedule the first appointment you can get.
    • To put it in prospective … for goofing around or if I'm going to shoot in a situation where I wouldn't want to risk my DSLR's I have a Fuji S602Z.
    • The next day I called his prospective school and talked to the principal.
    • With a long term prospective of even greater disillusionment.
    • By sitting with the mouth open, and by waggling the lure, they … err .. lure in prospective prey.