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What is the meaning of protect in Hindi?

Meaning of protect in Hindi is : स‌ंरक्षा करना

Definition of word protect

Examples of word protect

  • Australian Studies project: A collection of international perspectives on fear and protection related topics within the scope of Australian Studies for an essay collection with the working title Protect Australia Fair: International Perspectives on Australian Culture.
  • "To Serve and Protect" is a noble calling, indeed, and that is what Chief Mackey has chosen to speak on today.
  • Obama voted for the abomination that became known as the Protect America Act (otherwise, in some circles, called the Police America Act) either because he was full-on comfortable with its privacy rights stripping provisions, or he was a political coward who didn't want to stand up to the Terrorists-Are-Coming howl from the Right-wing authoritarians masquerading as they always do as genuine conservatives.
  • The Duty to Protect is a Principle of Fundamental Justice
  • Zombies in Plain English - Protect Your Brain this Halloween


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