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What is the meaning of protect in Hindi?

Meaning of protect in Hindi is : स‌ंरक्षा करना

Definition of word protect

  • To keep safe; to defend; to guard; to prevent harm coming to. (verb)

Examples of word protect

  • I say "it is all about protecting the book" ..protect the books = protect the people
  • Executives under Ms. Robinson used the phrase "protect and grow" to describe their approach, often to the irritation of digital-side employees who have said the emphasis on protecting the Times too often stunted growth elsewhere.
  • The only way to protect is to plan in advance; using super redundant and resilient systems.
  • Finally, asked why his family hasn't appeared with him on the campaign trail, including his wife and adult children, Cain repeats that he is "an unconventional candidate" and wants to protect his family although he doesn't use the word "protect".
  • "Which is why Google executives used the word 'protect' at least six times while explaining the deal this morning."


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