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What is the meaning of protuberance in Hindi?

Meaning of protuberance in Hindi is : उभार

Definition of word protuberance

  • A bulge, knob, swelling, spine or anything that protrudes. (noun)

Examples of word protuberance

  • He's quite round in the shoulders; and yet so inconsistent are women that she calls a protuberance that resembles the letter C the line of beauty.
  • I guess a speed bump could be described as a protuberance?
  • The interior of the protuberance, which is the fruiting part of the fungus, contains numerous black, flask-like structures whose tips reached the surface.
  • L The age of the dag is known by its horns: the firft year exhibits only a dmrt protuberance, which is covered with a hairy ftin; tk next year the horns are diaight and dngle; the third year producd two antlers, the fourth three, the fifth four j and, when, arrived at the fixth year, the antlers amount to fix or feven on, each fide, bal the number is not always certain,.
  • That protuberance which is next the tip holds it on.


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