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What is the meaning of prove in Hindi?

Meaning of prove in Hindi is : सिद्ध होना

Definition of word prove

  • To demonstrate that something is true or viable; to give proof for. (verb)
  • To turn out; to manifest. (verb)
  • To turn out to be. (verb)
  • To put to the test, to make trial of. (verb)
  • To experience (verb)
  • Simple past of proove. (verb)

Examples of word prove

  • They write letters to prove that they "don't count," and they _prove it_. '
  • It is said of kings and rulers, they must prove that they have a heart, and it may also be said of the man who has no religion, that _he must prove_ that he has a _conscience.
  • The word prove is usually reserved for mathematics: “to verify the correctness or validity of by mathematical demonstration or arithmetical proof” Random House Unabridged Dictionary.
  • The voyage is long and dreary — let us hope the boat will not again prove leaky — if so — Lithe not Styx — be the River for me.
  • Beck, Limpballs and Malkin prove just how evil and cold blooded they are.


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